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Nisoria Musical Instruments - Lyres and Flutes

We aim to contribute to a culture which recognizes the formative power of music on man, in which anyone, regardless of age or profession, can enjoy the numerous benefits of practicing this art.


If you are in search of a musical instrument that is light, easy to play and with excelent tonal qualities, the lyre is your best choice. You might want to pick the lyre as a starting point in learning more about the basic elements of music. It will bring joy along the way, while you get familiar with rhythm, melody and harmony. 

The lyre will show you the importance of personal touch in music, as you get to express feelings of joy, clarity or melancholy just by varying your picking technique.

For musicians, the lyre offers the opportunity of sincere expression in a new refressing manner. An instrument that presents itself straightforwardly might surprise you with insights about your unique perception of music and sound.

Pentatonic Flute


Pentatonic flutes

“The lyre arrived today and it is beautiful. It sounds heavenly.  Your work is top quality.”

” I am so enjoying playing the lyre. I recorded a nice video with it today. I have retuned it to D-f# mixolydian and it works very well in this tuning.”

Richard McCready

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