Our story

The joy of making music, the pleasure of handcrafting and the love for nature were the things that brought us together. Later we developed in different directions – one of us chose to deepen music and Waldorf pedagogy, the other took a more technical path . After 14 years, the spiral of life has brought us back to a common denominator, which is based on our old passions but it materializes through the knowledge and abilities gained over the years – the construction of musical instruments.

Through the shapes, colors, textures and sounds, our products address several senses. We work with great accuracy and precision, while imprinting a human touch.

We aim to contribute to a culture which recognizes the formative and transforming power of music on man, in which anyone, regardless of age or profession, can enjoy the numerous benefits of practicing this art.


Cipriana teaches music in a Waldorf school. Her passions are music, education and connecting with the nature around us.


Alex is an architect who's passions include music, sculpture and woodworking.