10 String Pentatonic Lyre, Ash Wood, Hand crafted


10 String Pentatonic Lyre, Waldorf Musical Instrument, Ash Wood, Hand crafted, Tuning Key and Bag Included

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Nisoria lyres are hand crafted musical instruments.
The sound of the lyre is warm and soothing. The tuning is pentatonic: d’, e’, g’, a’, b’, d”, e”, g”, a”, b” / re’, mi’, sol’, la’, si’, re”, mi”, sol”, la”, si”
Benefits of the music created with the lyre are as great as it is easy to learn to play this instrument. It has a powerful calming effect, therefore it is very appreciated by parents and people who work with children.
Due to the pentatonic tuning, regardless of the order in which the sounds are played, the result will be harmonious. That’s why, even those who play for the first time can enjoy the music of the lyre by experimenting and improvising. As one deepens the study of the instrument, musical exercises and pieces can grow in complexity.

The pentatonic harps / lyres are frequently used in the Waldorf Education schools.
The instrument is made out of fine ash wood and finished with natural shellac.

Wood grain and color vary with each instrument, each one being unique.
The lyre comes with a tuning key and a textile bag.
You can listen to the lyre here: soundcloud.com/user-644266/10-string-ash-lyre



Our own brand of musical instruments, Nisoria was created in Romania in 2017. We are makers of musical instruments, primarily lyres and flutes. The source of inspiration for the name is the Latin designation of the Barred warbler, a songbird with an incredibly melodic voice. We think of this migratory bird that can also be found in Romania as a symbol of joy, freedom and music.


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