Pentatonic Maple Flute


Pentatonic Maple Flute, Wooden Wind Musical Instrument, Handmade



Nisoria flutes are handmade musical instruments, made with great care to detail and sound quality.
In the construction process we focused on getting a warm and balanced sound obtained by blowing gently, just like natural outbreathing. The carefully selected materials – maple and cedar wood – contribute significantly to creating the desired sound. In addition, each flute is treated with cold pressed almond oil and beeswax, both putting their mark on the sound and texture of the instrument, while protecting it from moisture.
You can hear the flute here:

The Nisoria pentatonic flute is intended for individual as well as group playing.

The flute will be appreciated by parents and people who work with children.
It is also suited for children (aged 6 and older), but keep in mind that this is not a toy!

Due to the pentatonic tuning, regardless of the order in which the sounds are played, the result will be harmonious.

Range: d”-e”-g”-a”-b”-d”’-e”’
Available versions:
A= 432 Hz
A= 440 Hz

The flute comes with a cleaning rod and a textile bag.

All the materials used (wood, almond oil, beeswax) are eco-friendly.

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432, 440


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