The 10 string lyres we produce have the following pentatonic tuning: d’, e’, g’, a’, b’, d”, e”, g”, a”, b”/ re’, mi’, sol’, la’, si’, re”, mi”, sol”, la”, si”.We make ash and maple, polished or carved lyres. The 10 string lyre is slightly bigger than the 7 string one that is usually used in Waldorf education. This allows for the doubling of the 5 notes of the pentatonic tuning, resulting a range of two octaves. This also allows the player to improvise by plucking two strings at a time that are at a distance of an octave, creating a surreal harmonious sound.

This instrument allows also for more variation in tuning. You can try other tuning besides the pentatonic one, but one should be careful not to break the strings by adding too much tension or allow the strings to be too loose. We recommend the 10 string lyre for people that want an instrument with more possibilities yet not too complex.